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Church Tax Services

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For churches and other ministry organizations, financial stewardship matters. Our dedicated team at J & J's Consulting understands the unique challenges that come with managing church finances. With our specialized church tax services, we are committed to helping places of worship in Georgia with a variety of tasks, including tax compliance, financial planning, and more.

1. Tax Compliance

Since most churches operate as non-profit organizations, tax compliance can be confusing. Our team, well-versed in the intricacies of church tax laws, ensures that your ministry adheres “faithfully” to all regulations. From filing annual returns to managing charitable contributions, we serve as your partner in maintaining a strong financial foundation for your church.

2. Financial Guidance

Find financial clarity with financial solutions designed exclusively for ministries. From understanding tax-exempt status to maximizing available deductions, the J & J's Consulting team will handle your church finances, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your programs and your congregation.

3. Ministerial Payroll Services

Simplify your church’s administrative processes with our ministerial payroll services. We understand that payroll can be complex for ministries – you are paying everyone from pastors to children’s leaders to custodial staff, after all! From housing allowances for certain staff members to various tax implications for ministers, we handle the details of getting everyone on your team paid.

4. Strategic Planning

Find sustained success with our strategic planning services. Beyond tax season, we work with church clients to develop long-term financial strategies, guiding your ministry toward growth and prosperity. Whether it's budgeting, investment planning, or donor relations, we provide support for the financial well-being of your church.

5. Educational Resources

Knowledge is power, especially in matters of finance. As part of our commitment to churches throughout Georgia, J & J's Consulting offers educational resources to ministry leaders, ensuring a deeper understanding of financial management. We empower you with the facts you need to make informed financial decisions for your church.

Contact us at (912) 231-7454 or to learn more about our church tax services, aligning your ministry's financial practices with its divine purpose.

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